Teeth Whitening in Moorpark, California

"Whitening" is any process that will make teeth appear whiter or changes the natural tooth color.

Teeth Become Discolored Due To:

  • Natural aging
  • Excessive fluoride use
  • Nerve root deterioration
  • Consumption of dyed beverages
  • Consumption of high-pigment foods
  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Certain medications
Teeth Whitening—Cosmetic Dentistry in Moorpark, CA
Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment done to improve the appearance of teeth. Teeth are whitened to remove the effects of coffee, cigarettes, and other substances that permanently stain or discolor teeth. Medications such as antibiotics like tetracycline may discolor your teeth. Fluorosis, a condition caused by absorbing too much fluoride, could affect tooth color. Furthermore, aging also causes teeth to lose their bright color.
Teeth are whitened by the use of bleach or other materials. The treatment may be done at home with Dr. Sanchez's guidance. Tools for self-treatment include bleaching trays designed by Dr. Sanchez, gels that are applied to the teeth and fluoride toothpaste.
The whitening treatment performed in our office is also known as chairside bleaching, in-office bleaching, or power bleaching. One of our well-trained dental assistants first protects the patient's gums and tissue by applying a protective gel or a rubber shield. A whitening solution is then applied on the teeth. The whitening solution contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent that could change the tooth color, which concentrations rages from 15% to 35%; this bleach is used to remove surface (extrinsic) and deeper (intrinsic) stains. After the gel is applied, a special light is placed on the teeth to accelerate the whitening agent.
We truly recommend that if you choose to use a bleaching product, you should only do so after consultation with Dr. Sanchez. This is especially important for patients with many fillings, crowns, and extremely dark stains. We encourage you to schedule an office consultation for a thorough oral examination by Dr. Sanchez to help you determine if bleaching is an appropriate course of treatment. Dr. Sanchez may then advise you the use of bleaching agents within the context of a comprehensive, appropriately sequenced treatment plan.