Orthodontics & Orthopedics in Moorpark, California

Dr. Sanchez has advanced training and certification in both orthopedics and orthodontics. Orthopedics is usually initiated earlier in an effort to assure more favorable facial growth and jaw structure. It is known that only 18-20% of malocclusion in children is genetic. This implies that the remaining 80% of poor bites arise due to environmental factors, poor tongue position, mouth breathing, allergies, or enlarged tonsils and adenoids. As these influences act upon the developing lower face almost from birth it is important to try to and counteract these negative influences early and allow for more normal development. Well timed functional therapy by Dr. Sanchez can have an astounding influence on your child's development often discouraging mouth breathing, poor sleep habits and a slow physical growth pattern. Functional orthopedics is usually therapy of short duration, may involve removable appliances and often makes more extensive therapy (braces) unnecessary.
Functional orthopedics are a great way to help younger patients avoid many of the conditions that have plagued their parents, such as poor sleep habits, T.M.J. pain, sleep apnea, small lower jaws (weak chin profile), and flared upper teeth (buck teeth) that my lead to poor self-image.
Orthodontics, more classically involves the use of "traditional" braces that are bonded to the teeth or clear "aligners". Braces allows Dr. Sanchez to control the teeth more accurately so that he can fine tune their relationship to one another and create that beautiful smile.

Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces—Cosmetic Dentistry in Moorpark, CA
Invisible braces are basically a plastic tray, referred to as an“aligner.” You can think of them as being similar to mouth guards used by athletes, or night guards used by individuals who clench their teeth.
These plastic aligners, however, are custom made to fit your teeth. In place of the brackets and wires used in traditional dental braces, the plastic tray exerts the necessary force to permanently move your teeth.
Invisible braces are a series of trays. The straightening process is gradual, taking place in predictable increments. After your current aligner has moved your teeth a given amount, you'll be fitted by Dr. Sanchez for a new aligner. Each aligner moves you closer to the finished product – your beautiful new smile!
As mentioned above, invisible braces are made from extremely durable medical grade materials and plastics. With this new technology, Dr. Sanchez can correct your smile with material that's comfortable and practically invisible.
Each aligner is made specifically for you. That is, the trays aren't a “one size fits all” product. Through x-rays, impressions, and 3-D computer imaging, your dentist will be able to custom create trays that perfectly fit your teeth. Each step in the process is mapped out, allowing you to see the end result and decide in advance whether you're happy with it.
Hundreds of thousands of people have used invisible braces to achieve the smile of their dreams. Through a series of custom-made plastic trays, invisible braces achieve the same results as standard dental braces. Invisible braces are an option in the vast majority of cases, but not everyone will be a candidate. Dr.G.Sanchez will help you determine whether they are the right choice for you.